Red Stag Chile

Central Valley, Patagonia, Chile
Red Stag

Our Chilean program offers a truly unique opportunity to hunt for the enormous Red Stag that roam this part of Southern Chile. The area combines abundant food, great cover and more than 80 years of selective herd management, producing some of the biggest wild stags in the world. The Deer are completely wild and all hunts are fair chase on an unfenced ranch. No more than 6 mature stags are harvested each year, so availability for these hunts is extremely limited.

The guides are all members of the same family that own the property. They have an intimated knowledge of the terrain and the game that lives on it. Hunts consist of stalking and glassing the valleys. The grounds includes soft, rolling hills and wheat fields interspersed with thick stands of dark timber. Open fields and meadows make it easy to move around and spot deer. There is nothing more exciting than hearing these huge bulls roaring at close range through the early morning mist.

Our base is a beautifully located family estancia house, where the owners themselves will attend to small groups of guests. The lodge, built from local stone and wood, overlooks adjacent mountains and the main hunting grounds. The main housing is immersed in a unique flower garden. In the evenings guests will enjoy traditional asados (bbq) and delicious home cooked meals, complimented by the finest Chilean wines.



The “Fundo” as Chileans called their ranches, is located in the Central Valley on the IX Region of Chile (500 miles south of Santiago) . Hunters fly from Santiago to Temuco City Airport, were they will be collected by the ranch staff and then transferred to the lodge.

Facilities & Services


Your base is a beautiful family estancia, where the owners look after small groups of guests. The lodge, built from local stone and wood, overlooks the mountains and the main huntingng grounds. In the evenings guests enjoy traditional asados (BBQ) and delicious home cooked meals, complimented by fine Chilean wines.

We have a capasity for 6 people with only 2 hunters at the time, and 4 non-hunters.There are many non hunting activities like horseback riding, hiking, sightseen tour and shopping for local crafts.
The lodge has a permanent satff of housekeeping and laundry service is available.


Our kitchen in Chile use only fresh and local products like fruit, vegetables and meats. By combining these elements, we create delicious flavors and varied textures that harbor hidden stories and package traditions on each plate. A team of experienced cooks, execute our food.
Days start with breakfast that includes a variety of breads, jam, honey, fresh fruit, natural dairy products, cereals, etc. We also offer eggs prepared in different ways.

We us only the highest quality local beef and poultry. Also game is prepared for appetizers, dinner and lunches.

The evening meal is a celebration of fine dining in a casual setting, and it is a chance for our house cooks shine. then we’d encourage you to sample our specialty regional dishes. Finally, there are the typical desserts.


Our lunch and dinner menus are paired with some of the best Chilean wines. We feel that the food we present and the wines we serve should mirror the sporting opportunities we offer—and be the very best available.

Alcoholic Beverages

The Lodge carries a basic selection of alcoholic beverages. If there is any special brand or type of liquor that you like we recommend to bring it yourself.


Season runs from beggining of March to late April. But we limited the season just to the peak of the rut that in this area is ussualy in late March early April. Here we only harvest 4 to 6 Stags per season.
All the guiding in Chile is 1×1 and the guides are all members of the family that own the ranch, they had a very intimate knowledge of the grounds and the Red Stag.
The hunting areas are very close to the lodge, never travelling more than 30 min. We have good roads on the property so we move mostly on trucks, but sometime to access more remote spots and if hunters want to, we hunt on horseback. Always the final stalks are done on foot . We also have some European style elevated stand on the best hunting areas, so still hunting is also an option.
We only harvest mature old stags that are coming out of their reproductive life. We take very seriously the heard management plan . After the hunt we take care of all the trophy preparation according to the international export requirements.
We don’t have a point scale system in Chile, is a flat fee no matter the size of your Stag.


Mornings start early, with a wakeup call well before daylight, and breakfast. Then, a short ride will put you about thirty minutes before sunrise, in the designated hunting area.
You’ll hunt till mid morning more or less, returning to the lodge for lunch and perhaps a siesta. The evening hunt continues until dark returning to the house for cocktails, dinner and overnight accommodations.


A combination of abundant food, great cover, and more than 80 years of selective herd management helps produce some of the biggest wild stags in the world, comparable only to certain regions of Eastern Europe. Stags are completely wild and all hunts are fair chase on an unfenced ranch. No more than six mature stags are harvested annually, so all these makes this program the most exclusive in South America.


Specie Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Red Stag
Wild black buck
Axis deer
Water Buffalo
Fallow Deer
Wild Boar
Sea-Run Brown Trout
Pirá Pitá
Brown Trout
Rainbow Trout

Hunting Gear

RIFLE SLING: It’s important that your rifle has a comfortable sling.
BINOCULARS: A good pair of 8 or 10 X or binoculars is a must.
RANGE FINDER: Our guides all have range finders and they will measure distances for you. But bringing your personal one is always useful.
SHOOTING STICKS: Bring your personal favourite (bipods, tripods), which ever you like best and feel more confident shooting from. The guides will have in case you don’t bring one.
WARM HAT – Something with ear flaps or a ski-style hat that will cover ears is the best bet for colder days.
SMALL FIELD BAG or DAY PACK- To carry camera gear and other personal items into the field.
INSECT REPELLENT – Mosquitoes or other bothersome insects are very unusual in the field, except on the warmest afternoons were Yellow jackets could be seen around campsites.

MEDICATION – Most people have no stomach problems in this part of Argentina. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea, as when traveling anywhere, to take along medication for symptomatic relief. Also, take aspirin, in addition to other medications you normally use. Band-aids – for sore fingers from shooting.



This region of Chile has a general weapon season so clients can choose which kind of gun/bow they want to use. The most common gun for such a hunt is a typical bolt action rifle with a good scope. Suitable calibers are 270 Win, 7×64, 7 mm Rem Mag, 30-06, 300 Win Mag, 8x68S & 338 Win Mag. For bowhunting, the same type of equipment you will use for Elk, will work for Red Stag. 60 to 70 Lbs compound bows with 400+ gr arrows and good, sharp broadheads.
Muzzleloaders are welcome too.


Renting guns from the lodge is the way to go in Chile due to the hassle that is to bring your own gun into the country.
We have a good selection of accurate rifles that are appropriate for this type of hunt Your guide will help you to choose the rental gun that best fit you. That gun will be yours for the duration of your stay and you we ll be able to shoot it before the hunt, at the ranchs range. You are welcome to change guns and try something different. There are no add-on fees to switch. We want you to shoot a gun you’re comfortable and effective with!

Read about Trophy Export Procedures


A combination of abundant food, great cover, and more than 80 years of selective herd management helps produce some of the biggest wild stags in the world, comparable only to certain regions of Eastern Europe. Stags are completely wild and all hunts are fair chase on an unfenced ranch. No more than six mature stags are harvested annually, so all these makes this program the most exclusive in South America.

Red Stag Chile Lodge

RATES 2023

Season runs from Mid-March to Mid-April


5 nights / 4 days hunting: $16,000 (Flat fee, any size)

Non-Hunting Guest: $650 per night

Extra Red Stag Trophy: $12,000 (only if available)

Gun Rental & Ammo: $375 for the whole stay

Hunting License: $150 per person

Trophy Sanitary Fees & Export Certificates: $650

  • PAYMENT TERMS: 50% deposit is required to guarantee the booking. Final payment is due 120 days before departure. Please note this deposit is NON REFUNDABLE unless a replacement is found.
  • INCLUDED: Lodging, Meals, all wines, beer, and local spirits; professional guide service (1X1); hunting license; transfers to/from local airport; one trophy Red Stag.
  • NOT INCLUDED: Gratuities for guides and house staff; airfares; gun entry permits; gun rental with ammo ($300 for the hunt); extra trophies; trophy export (to be quoted case by case.pls check trophy procedures); international phone calls; sightseeing tours, fishing trips, etc.; Any items of a strictly personal nature; baggage overweight charges; personal and baggage insurance; cost of itinerary modifications requested by passenger; Santiago transfers and hotels.

*Prices are in USD

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