Why is Red Stag Patagonia considered best in class?

Because we combine sporting excellence with the highest level of total service: lodging and cuisine are provided at the most exacting standards.

We have developed the absolute best programs in South America, by focusing on what we believe matters the most to sportsmen—the best possible accommodations on the best big game enhanced by the best service.

Choose one of our 4 lodges and discover how good a hunting vacation can be:

Red Stag Collun-Co Lodge

This 62,000 acre ranch is a Patagonian icon, located in the Junin de los Andes area that stretches from the high desert foothills of the Andes on the east to the jagged mountains on the west bordering Lanin National Park, near the border with Chile. This is the very property where Red Deer from eastern Europe, were first introduced to Patagonia more than a 100 years ago. The stags in this region are a 100% wild, free roaming, game that wanders through their natural migrations as they did in the beginning of the century. Estancia Collun-Co wa...[more]

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Observe the majestic presence of a deer, very aware of its surroundings in the wild nature of Red Stag Patagonia.

Red Stag Tupungato Lodge

  Red Stag Patagonia is proud to offer a hunting program on one of the best red stag preserves in South America. Owned by one of the oldest families in Mendoza, your hosts have been breeding and managing red stag herds for the last 20 years. By interbreeding local stock with some of the very best bloodlines from Europe and New Zealand, they have today some of the biggest and healthiest herds in the country. The beautiful ranch main house, located right in the middle of the property, serves as our base where guests stay during the hunt. ...[more]

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Embark on your adventure amidst the breathtaking Lanin Mountains, home to the legendary Red Stag of Patagonia.

Red Stag Lanín Lodge

After years of scouting many areas, we have recently secured for our guests what perhaps is one of the finest Red Stag hunting ranches in all of Argentina. This area in northwest Patagonia, at the foothills of the Lanin Volcano, has it all: a healthy deer population, a breathtaking mountain country interspersed with lakes and streams, and a beautiful historic ranch with an amazing view of the Huechulafquen lake, offering an ideal high-country sporting holiday. The property is located in Junín de los Andes, very near the area where Red Deer f...[more]

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Highlighting the success of our partner with his impressive Patagonian deer of the season.

Big Game Buenos Aires Lodge

Located in the Province of Buenos Aires, just 90 minutes from the Ezeiza International airport, Los Crestones Lodge was named for the Rosy Billed Pochard—Argentina’s most distinctive and sought‐after duck. Set in a mature parkland and surrounded by fertile countryside, Los Crestones will offer discerning guests a combination of the best bird hunting with the best Wild Black Buck and Axis Deer Hunting in South America. The lodge is a classic Argentinean estancia, recently refurbished and possessing all the comfort and style you would e...[more]

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Red Stag Chile Lodge

Our Chilean program offers a truly unique opportunity to hunt for the enormous Red Stag that roam this part of Southern Chile. The area combines abundant food, excellent cover, and over 80 years of selective herd management, resulting in the production of some of the world’s largest wild stags. The deer are completely wild, and all hunts are conducted in fair chase on an unfenced ranch. Due to the limited number of stags harvested each year, availability for these hunts is extremely limited. Your host and head guide is the owner of th...[more]

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