Trophy Export Procedures

RSP handles and prepares the trophies on site at the ranches according to the international export requirements and also per client request (European, shoulder, full body mount, etc). We salt and dry the hides, dip, bleach, and cut the skulls, etc. Then we send them to our taxidermist in Buenos Aires were he inspects them to make sure they are suitable for export. At the same time, our customs broker completes the export paperwork and permits.

Once trophies are ready and the export documents issued, our cargo agent arranges the shipping to the final destination. An important detail is that we only can ship to a customs broker at the destination country in order to get clearance. Clients can supply their broker’s information or we have a list of brokers we work with to recommend. Once the trophies clear into the destination country they can be shipped to you or your taxidermist of choice.

Although mounting trophies in Argentina are possible we don’t recommend it, since the crates to ship them are large and so are the shipping costs. A dry and folded hide and a set of cut antlers require a MUCH smaller crate.

The shipping time varies since Argentina Fish & Wildlife doesn’t have a fixed time frame to issue the export permits. Some are faster than others. We are usually able to ship trophies within 12 months after the hunt.

In Chile, it is possible to take trophies home right after the hunt since the permits get issued immediately. We suggest you plan to stay in the area or at the lodge at least 1 more day after the hunts end, in order to get the permits and trophies ready. RSP always follows the whole process closely.

For US hunters we offer a Trophy Package Solution that includes export, shipping and even mounting in the USA.  For this, we partnered with Jonas Brother Pepi Family Studio from New York, one of the finest Taxidermists in the world.

Please contact us for more info and pricing on our packages and export/shipping costs.