Trophy Export Procedures

Red Stag Patagonia (RSP) efficiently handles trophy preparation at our ranches per client preferences, such as European, shoulder, or full-body mounts. We process hides and skulls by salting, drying, cleaning, bleaching, and cutting on-site. At the end of the season, the trophies are sent to our Buenos Aires taxidermist for inspection and final preparations to meet export standards. Simultaneously, our customs broker handles export paperwork and permit applications.

Once the trophies are ready and export documents are issued, our agent manages shipping to the final destination. Importantly, we can only ship to a customs broker at the destination country for clearance. Clients can provide their broker’s information, or we can recommend brokers we’ve worked with. Once the trophies clear the destination country, they can be shipped to you or your chosen taxidermist.

Opting for taxidermy work in Argentina offers numerous advantages. Notably, while waiting for paperwork, the taxidermist can work on your trophy and have it ready for shipment once export permits are granted.

It’s worth mentioning that mounting complete trophies in Argentina might entail slightly higher shipping costs than just antlers and salted hides. However, the taxidermy work is typically more cost-effective and faster. Thus, it can be convenient to have the work done here, unless you specifically prefer your local taxidermist.

Shipping times vary, mainly due to the involvement of multiple government agencies in the export permit process, each with its own unpredictable timeframes. Although some agencies process permits faster, others tend to take their time. Typically, we can ship trophies within 12 months after the hunt. RSP diligently oversees the entire process.

For those interested in mounting trophies in the United States, we collaborate with Jonas Bros. of New York, recognized as one of the world’s premier taxidermy studios. We offer discounted rates to our clients.

If you have any further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to ask.