100% Success

Discover the allure of the wild as deer roam freely, embodying the spirit of Red Stag Patagonia's commitment to authentic wildlife encounters.

by Dave Mellum

Every hunter has his definition of “Successful” so let me give you mine.

To me, “success” isn’t the harvesting of the game. To me, success isn’t measured by the size or number of trophies I hang on the wall. Doing so is nice, and I do everything I can to take the game I came for, but that’s merely “icing on the cake”. For over 50 years I’ve hunted big game everywhere from Alaska, to New Zealand, Africa, South America and many locations in between. Over the years I’ve eaten many a tag and left many a freezer empty. However some of my most “successful” hunts didn’t involve the firing of a single shot nor the nocking of a single arrow.

So how do I define a successful hunt?  Let me tell you. Success to me is experiencing beautiful new environments, watching abundant numbers of game in their natural habitat, sharing a well planned campsite or beautiful lodge with other hunters, listening to and learning from an experienced guide, having a guide who listens to me, looking forward to the evening’s meal and sharing the day’s hunt around a glowing campfire, making new friends who share your passion for hunting, fairly pursuing your game and enjoying the challenges it most often presents, returning home and reliving the memories of your hunt which bring a smile to your face.—Now that’s a successful hunt.

So you ask—how were my hunts with RED STAG PATAGONIA? Every one a resounding success, and to top it off, I’ve never had to eat one of their tags. Their lodges are the most professionally operated hunting establishments you will ever experience. Their motto — “The chase is fair, everything else is Excellent” is a perfect summation of their operations. So, if you are looking for “icing on the cake” as well as a “successful” hunt give them a call (1-877-260-4332) or visit their website