Wild Boar

Wild Boar

Wild Boar (Sus Scofa) was the first non- native game animal introduced in Argentina by the early spanish conquistadores. Later in the late 1900s more pure european boars were introduce in Patagonia and central Argentina. Rapidly they expanded throught major areas of the country.

Big boars are usually seen alone but it is not rare to also see them in groups with sows and piglets. An adult male will normally weigh around 200 pounds but they can reach up to 350 pounds . The boars grow menacing tusks that get longer and thicker with age.

Northern patagonia and Mendoza have pure blooded boars, unlike Buenos Aires province and other areas of the coutry that had been mixed with feral hogs. Despite this they still present huge bodies and big tusks.

At Crestones lodge we offer one of the most exciting boar imaginable— on horseback with revolvers and lever action rifles.
In Patagonia we also hunt them mostly as an addition during our Red Stag hunts.

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