Bringing Guns

Can I Bring My Own Gun?

Entering guns into Chile while doable is a long, tedious and costly process, that’s why we recommend using our guns. We have good accurate rifles with good scopes at the ranch for clients to use, it’s much simpler and hassle free. In case you want to bring your gun anyway, will send you all the instructions on how to do it and help out in the process.

Bringing personal firearms into Argentina requires taking detailed steps prior to your trip, and you may also be subject to considerable expenses. Please carefully read the information below prior to making a decision to travel with your guns, or consider renting those available at the lodges.

The Argentine government places visitors into two categories when it comes to gun importation:

1) Those who have NEVER visited Argentina in the past (with or without firearms).


Depending on which one of these classifications you fall under, the rules and procedures are different.  We have separated the procedures below based upon which category you fall into.



  • A copy of your passport – Red Stag Patagonia will prepare and present this upon arrival in Argentina.
  • Warrantor – Red Stag Patagonia will coordinate this upon arrival in Argentina.
    1. ANMAC Gun Entry Form – prepared, presented and paid by Red Stag Patagonia at the moment of the hunter’s arrival to Argentina at the airport.
  • Customs Guarantee Form – Prepared and presented by Red Stag Patagonia at the moment of the hunter’s arrival to Argentina at the airport.




  • Consulate Permit ** – Must be obtained in person, and by appointment, by the hunter/gun owner in the country of origin.
  • A copy of your passport – Red Stag Patagonia will prepare and present this upon arrival in Argentina.
  • Warrantor – Red Stag Patagonia will coordinate this upon arrival in Argentina.
    1. ANMAC Gun Entry Form – prepared, presented and paid by Red Stag Patagonia at the time of the hunter’s arrival to Argentina at the airport.
  • Customs Guarantee Form – Prepared and presented by Red Stag Patagonia at the time of the hunter’s arrival to Argentina at the airport.

** Important Note: All over/under or side-by-side shotguns with longer barrels than 24 inches are exempt of the Consulate Permit at all levels. The only guns requiring a consular permit are pump or auto-loading shotguns, to be carried by a hunter who is entering Argentina for his second visit, or any subsequent visit.



PASSPORT—A copy of your passport is requested at the Argentine airport. Please make sure to send us one prior to your trip and we will handle this on-site at the airport.

WARRANTOR—Every time you do a transitory import of a gun into Argentina, RENAR asks the outfitter (Red Stag Patagonia) to provide the hunter (user/owner of the gun) with a warrantor (someone who will testify with a signature that the gun will leave the country after the stay in Argentina) who will be responsible for the guns while they are in transit in our country. This warrantor is the physical person in charge of signing all the necessary paperwork to clear the guns into the country. This service is provided by Red Stag Patagonia. The warrantor will also be at the airport when you are leaving the country after your stay with us signing a paper assuring that those guns are basically leaving the country.

ANMAC—Red Stag Patagonia will complete the ANMAC Gun Entry  Form. In the event you want to download this form and complete it yourself, click here. The ANMC is the argentine gun control department.

CUSTOMS—We will also complete the customs guarantee form. Click here to view it.

CONSULAR INFORMATION – The Consulate Permit is only required of those who have VISITED ARGENTINA BEFORE. Please note that it is MANDATORY to appear in person at the Argentine Consulate in your jurisdiction (except for Atlanta residents, who are exempt).

Requirements for the consulate:

  • Hunting permit form issued by the consulate (signed in original) – Please do not leave any fields unanswered and write clearly. (link below)
  • Copy of first page of your valid passport.
  • Three passport size photos, light background. No Computer generated photos are accepted (do not glue/staple them to the form).
  • Copy of valid gun permit by the authorities in the state of your residence in the event your state requires one (not mandatory for all travelers).
  • Copy of your airline itinerary.
  • A money order or cashier’s check in the amount of $40.00 payable to the Argentine Consulate of your jurisdiction.
  • Proof of gun ownership either by receipt, insurance record, or commercial bill showing the purchase of the weapon and its owner (with serial number of the gun).
  • Copy of form 4457 (Certificate of Registration for Personal Effects taken abroad) – Click here to view it.

To avoid unnecessary trips to the Consulate, it is highly advisable that you mail all the above documents in advance to make sure all is in order prior to your appointment. Argentina Consulates are closed on U.S. and Argentine Holidays.

For appointments, please contact the consulate of your jurisdiction by e-mail:

Jurisdiction: Texas, New México, Colorado, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Luisiana

Los Angeles:
Jurisdiction: Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, Hawaii and Pacific Islands

Jurisdiction: Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee

Jurisdiction: Florida, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, US Virgin Islands, Anguilla and Montserrat, Cayman Islands,  Guadalupe and Martinica (France)

New York:
Jurisdiction: New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont

Jurisdiction: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North y South Dakota, Ohio y Wisconsin

Jurisdiction: DC, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, North Carolina, Pennsylvania

You can check here on this website all the respective Argentine consulates in the USS taking into account your jurisdiction. Click here.


Gun Import Fees

  • If entering with guns via COR (Córdoba) airport price is $140.00 per person p/gun.
  • If entering with guns via EZE (Buenos Aires) airport price is $200.00 p/person plus $80.00 approximately per additional gun or extra set of barrels.


  1. How many guns can a person bring? Up to 4 guns or 1 gun with 3 extra sets of barrels.
  2. How much extra time is spent (on average) at the airport entering the guns?
  • Via CORDOBA – about 35 minutes
  • Via EZEIZA BUENOS AIRES– about 1 hour
  1. Is it possible to enter a gun at one airport (for example CORDOBA) and depart with the gun via another airport (for example EZEIZA)? It is possible but it will be ridiculously expensive for the warrantor (who needs to present in person at the check in and check out in Argentina). He would have to travel to be present with you. His time and travel could easily run into the hundreds of dollars.
  2. How does it work on departure? A warrantor will be waiting for you at the airline counter. He will escort you and sign the warranty paper assuring the guns are leaving the country.
  3. What happens with international flights that connect on to other countries prior to arriving to Argentina? You need to make sure to tell your airline your final destination is Argentina. It is important to reconfirm with the airline that your guns are in transit through those countries.
  4. Please make sure to dissemble your guns when packing them prior to travelling, and case them in accordance with international airline standards.
  5. What happens if for any reason my gun is retained at the airport? It won’t happen, but if for any reason it does happen, the guns will be sent to storage in the airport and may be withdrawn by the owner on his return to the U.S. Storage fees may apply.

At Red Stag Patagonia we have been assisting hunters and sportsmen traveling with guns for over 30 years and we are very familiar with the process; so if you are looking to bring your own gun please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or with questions you might have. Contact us at 1-877-260-4332 or via e-mail at