After Booking

Congratulations, your hunting adventure is booked! We’re excited to have you with us, and will do everything we can to make sure your trip is a memorable one. What’s next? Taking your trip from booking to take-off requires some input from you. Please carefully read through each section below, and don’t hesitate to call, email, or online chat with us if you have questions prior to departure. We look forward to seeing you soon!

  • Online Payment—Settle your account via our secure online payment portal, or pay by check or wire.
  • Pre-trip Questionnaire—Complete this online, and send it with a click. It takes less than ten minutes and tells us a little about you and your preferences.
  • Required Documents—Info pertaining to passports, visas, and needed travel documentation.
  • Trophy Export Procedures — Red Stag Patagonia takes care of the process to send trophies back to our hunters.