Our Bird Hunting Lodges


Being part of The Kautapen Group collection of lodges, we’re also proud to offer world-class bird hunting and fly fishing opportunities across Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and The Bahamas. Red Stag Patagonia, David Denies Bird Hunting and Nervous Waters Fly Fishing are all owned and operated by the same company, and each operation is dedicated to making your outdoor experience fun, memorable, and productive.

Our research and experience tell us that over 65% of big game hunters are also actively interested in bird hunting. If you are a part of that majority and are interested in adding variety to your sporting life, look no further than David Denies Bird Hunting.

David Denies comprises 12 world-class bird hunting lodges across Argentina & Uruguay. From high-volume dove shooting in the famed hills surrounding Córdoba to the fertile wetlands of the Buenos Aires province, where marshes and swamps teem with ducks in unfathomable numbers, to the idyllic rolling pastures of Uruguay, home to the greatest concentration of hard-flying perdiz, we bring you to the ultimate wing shooters paradise, with an impeccable style and attention to detail found nowhere else.

Beautifully appointed lodges will welcome you, and become your home away from home during your stay, where you will be treated each day to cuisine prepared by some of the finest, internationally trained chefs in all of South America. From the moment you contact our staff to plan your trip of a lifetime, to well after you return home, you will experience the David Denies difference, and see what has made our lodges the ultimate destination for the traveling bird hunter, for nearly 40 years.


The collection of Bird Hunting Lodges