• Red Stag Tupungato – Season 2023 Report

    2023 Season Report at our Tupungato Ranch – World’s largest stags in the foothills of the Andes The 2023 season was our most successful season in terms of size and quality of stags harvested. We want to thank all the hunters that came our way from the US and Europe and had the pleasure of huntin...

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  • Revel in the breathtaking vistas of Red Stag Patagonia's exquisite lakes, a paradise for nature lovers and peace seekers alike.

    Estancia Lanín History

    The history of the ranch dates back almost a century. Richard Hosking Trannack emigrated from Cornwall, England to Argentina in the latter part of the 19th century, along with his wife Marie and their six children. After a seven-year journey in nine large oxen and horse-driven carriages through 1,00...

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  • two men looking for their hunt

    Clothing tips for Red Stag Hunting in Argentina

    Maybe the single most important item is a good pair of well broken in hunting/hiking boots. Firm ankle support is important due to the uneven terrain so they must be at least ankle-high. Don’t buy a brand-new pair of boots to come down hunting. Bring yourself a pair of older, broken-in boots if po...

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  • Discover the allure of the wild as deer roam freely, embodying the spirit of Red Stag Patagonia's commitment to authentic wildlife encounters.

    100% Success

    by Dave Mellum Every hunter has his definition of “Successful” so let me give you mine. To me, “success” isn’t the harvesting of the game. To me, success isn’t measured by the size or number of trophies I hang on the wall. Doing so is nice, and I do everything I can to take the game I ...

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  • 10 Tips preparing for the Perfect Hunt

    Sebastian F. Casado Sastre is not only the co-owner, but also the head guide for Red Stag Patagonia. With more than three decades of Big Game hunting experience, specializing in Red Stag, he’s known as one of Argentina’s most accomplished Big Game outfitters. Sebastian has shared some of his ext...

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  • A Thousand and “1” Shots

    A Thousand and “1” Shots – by Dave Mellum (Red Stag Patagonia—Tupungato Lodge) I’ve previously had the opportunity to hunt each of the 3 David Denies Bird Hunting dove lodges located in Córdoba, Argentina (Pica Zuro, La Dormida, and Córdoba Lodges). At each lodge shooting a thousand ...

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  • Buenos Aires Big Game – Season 2017

    Most people don’t know that only two hours away from the city of Buenos Aires, there is the biggest herd of wild black buck in the world. You can count them by the thousands on some of the big cattle ranches in this particular area of Buenos Aires province. We at RSP have exclsusive leases on the ...

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  • Experience the synergy and teamwork of two hunters as they navigate the wilderness of Red Stag Patagonia in search of their hunting dreams

    Report Tupungato – Season 2017

    We had our best season ever in Tupungato in 2017. Our hunters enjoyed a 100 % success rate and all our guests took huge stags. We also harvested some nice fallow bucks and some pretty bad ass wild boars. From mid March unti the third week in April, the roar was absolutely crazy ! One morning, while ...

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  • Red Stag Chile – Season 2017

    Again in 2017, around the second week of March, Stags began coming down the mountains looking for hinds like clockwork. The roar was strong and steady until mid-April, probably peaking around March 26. We only harvested two bulls in 2017, but both were huge!! We decided to limit the season to only ...

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  • Unplug from the chaos of everyday life and find solace in the tranquility of Red Stag Patagonia's campsite, a sanctuary in nature.

    Sleep around game and hear the night roar

    A tent camp that puts you right in the heart  of Patagonia wild Stag country We are thrilled to announce our new tent camp excursions that are now part of the popular Red Stag Junin program. The “spike” camp, 50 minutes from the main lodge, will be outfitted with four comfortable bedr...

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