Red Stag Patagonia - Central Valley | IX Region, Patagonia, Chile


Our Chilean program offers a truly unique opportunity to hunt for the enormous Red Stag that roam this part of the Central Valley of Chile. The area combines abundant food, great cover and more than 80 years of selective herd management, producing some of the biggest wild stags in the world. Indeed, over the years many have found the top of the record books. The Stags are completely wild and all hunts are fair chase on an unfenced ranch. No more than 6 mature stags are harvested each year, so availability for these hunts is extremely limited.

Experienced guides, all of whom are members of the same family and have an intimate knowledge of the local terrain, accompany each hunter. Hunts consist of stalking and glassing the valleys. The terrain includes soft, rolling hills and wheat fields interspersed with thick stands of dark timber. Open fields and meadows make it easy to move around. There is nothing more exciting than hearing these huge bulls roaring at close range through the early morning mist.

Our base is a beautifully located family estancia, where the owners themselves will attend to small groups of guests. The lodge, built from local stone and wood, overlooks adjacent mountains and the main hunting grounds. In the evenings guests will enjoy traditional asados (bbq) and delicious home cooked meals, complimented by the finest Chilean wines.

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