Red Stag Patagonia - Tupungato, Mendoza. Argentina


Red Stag Patagonia is proud to offer a hunting program on one of the best red stag preserves in South America. Owned by one of the oldest families in Mendoza, your hosts have been breeding and managing red stag herds for the last 20 years. By inter breeding local stock with some of the very best bloodlines from Europe and New Zealand, they have today some of the biggest and healthiest herds in the country.

A beautiful old country house, located right in the heart of the preserve, has been rebuilt for the 2012 season. Many hunting grounds are walking distance from the lodge and the farther afield areas are easily reached on horseback, ATVs or by 4×4.

This exclusive preserve spans 10,000 acres and sits on the upper levels of a huge estate. On the lower-elevation grounds, the family operates a productive vineyard. The property is set against a backdrop of some of the highest peaks in the Andes. Mount Tupungato, visible from every corner of the ranch, is one of the highest volcanoes in the world.

The fertile valleys of the Mendoza Andean foothills provide perfect habitat for deer and they have developed impressive racks, with some specimens naturally reaching the 450 SCI + class. Elsewhere, deer of this size are only found in breeding ranches in New Zealand and Europe.

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