Why Hunt Red Stag With Us

One chance. One sporting holiday. One week in the field. One terrific stag. And one bullet. With so much riding on a hunt, you need to consider your options carefully—and work with a guide and outfitter that cares as much about your success as you do. Red Stag Patagonia is the premier wild stag outfitter in Argentina. For over fifteen years we’ve taken hunters to the stag, and put them in position for that one shot. Why hunt with us? Let us spell it out for you:

R eliable: More than 15 years of big game hunting experience in Patagonia.

E asy: Big game hunting for every level, from walking and stalking to horseback, and vehicle use.

D iverse: Several private ranches, each one with unique assets that can accommodate different expectations and hunting methods, offering many options.

S ervice: Like our sister companies Nervous Waters and David Denies, you will find a service culture unequalled in outdoor sport. Our staff, from household to ranch managers, gauchos, and guides are professionally trained and focused on your hunting success and comfort. Our main office is at your service around-the-clock.

T omorrow: We place enormous emphasis on taking care of our pristine and wild environment. We manage our game herds with a strict plan to assure the health of the local populations and good hunting for tomorrow, and for generations to come.

A ccommodation: We provide the best lodging possible at each hunting location. Ranging from truly fine accommodation to local Patagonian estancias, mountain cabin and spike camps, all run with the utmost attention to detail.

G ame: Providing only the very best wild and fair chase hunts.