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Sleep around game and hear the night roar

A tent camp that puts you right in the heart  of Patagonia wild Stag country We are thrilled to announce our new tent camp excursions that are now part of the popular Red Stag Junin program. The “spike” camp, 50 minutes from the main lodge, will be outfitted with four comfortable bedrooms equipped with showers, an outdoor bathroom facility, and windows that offer mountain views-even when you’re taking a break from hunting.  Live the unforgettable experience of hearing rutting stags roar just a few steps from camp, while viewing the open skies of Patagonia, where stars are unchallenged by urban lights and shine by the million.

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Reciprocity Suspended – Argentina

Emerson once said that common sense is genius dressed in its working clothes. That seems a particularly fitting sentiment today, as we announce the suspension of reciprocity fees for U.S. passport holders visiting Argentina for stays of 90 days or less. Here is the official press release from the Argentine Embassy in the United States: “In order to strengthen the relationship between Argentina and the United States of America, the Argentine Government has resolved to suspend the collection of the reciprocity fee from U.S. passport holders who visit our country for less than 90 days, for tourist or business purposes.” The reciprocity law required visitors to pay $160 to enter Argentina. Thankfully, this fee has now been waived. We’d love to have you come and shoot/fish with us soon, and it just got a little cheaper, and a little easier—and that’s a good thing!

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