Big Game Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Big Game – Season 2017

Most people don’t know that only two hours away from the city of Buenos Aires, there is the biggest herd of wild black buck in the world. You can count them by the thousands on some of the big cattle ranches in this particular area of Buenos Aires province. We at RSP have exclsusive leases on the best ranches and we are have been putting hunters onto big wild blackbuck since 2006. This year so far we have had great hunts for both Black Buck and Axis deer. We also did some of our “all you can shoot” wild boar hunts on horseback, and guest were delighted by these high adrenaline hunts. Our spring season goes until  mid December, its a great time to enjoy the nice Argentine spring weather hunting Black Buck and Axis deer— and why not swing by Cordoba and shoot some doves while you are in the neighborhood!  

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Buenos Aires Big Game Hunting Report – Season 2013

Herds of blackbuck and axis deer enjoyed what seemed to be a limitless food supply and horn growth has been impressive. Deer are also thick and healthy, which bodes well heading into the leaner winter months. So far all guests participating in Crestones’ coveted shotgun/rifle hunts have shot trophies. We’re expecting a wonderful spring season from October through December, which is also prime time for dove shooting in Cordoba. Book now and take advantage of free-range game hunts combined with some of the best wingshooting in the world.

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Buenos Aires Big Game – End of Season 2012 Report

Buenos Aires province is well known for its extended big game season. It opens March 15 and closes in mid-December. This slot includes Axis Deer and Blackbucks—the two most coveted species of our hunting program. We hunt most of our Blackbucks during duck season (May-July), allowing clients to combine wingshooting and big game stalking into their varied itineraries. This season, guests shot a dozen very nice Blackbucks, with Jennifer from Florida scoring one of the best of the season. It was also her first big game animal! The Axis Deer spring season begins now and extends into mid-December. Most of the big bucks are in hard antler growth and the weather is just beautiful. It’s the perfect time of the year to combine big game hunts with doves hooting in Cordoba. Due to the intensive rains central Argentina received in late winter, we’re expecting one of the best springs in many, many years!

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Red Stag Chile, Central Valley, Patagonia, Chile

Los Crestones Red Stag Hunting Report – season 2011

Many clients that traveled to Los Crestones for bird hunting this winter, dedicated one or two days to hunting big game. All of them left the lodge with good trophies. We also had some other guests that came specifically to enjoy what the area also has to offer! The best Black Buck and Axis Hunting in the world! Crestones offers the unique opportunity to enjoy great bird hunting and big game hunting out of the same lodge, at the same time and with the special luxury service that all the David Denies lodges have to offer.

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